Visibility solutions when your business lacks market differentiation

Target Position Your Brand To Accelerate Growth


TargetPositioning takes a very different approach to building a compelling public profile for a client. We don't compete with firms that promise coverage volume, but nothing ever reaches a customer or prospect. We deliver market differentiation - and there's a key difference for any company looking to be an industry leader.


We build a unique storyline that stands out, taps into broader industry themes, and expands both your visibility and your business.


While our expertise is working through ever-changing media channels, our philosophy and practice looks at the entire spectrum of your public engagement or touch points for your market, current clients and prospects -- press, web, branded content, commentary etc.

We work closely with your key executives and marketing and communications teams to design a "who you are and what you stand for" program. The TP model is the proprietary storyline and brand differentiation analysis designed and used by Tracey Gordon to advance the profiles of industry leaders. 


The technique uses a mix of market research, interviewing your key people, and industry experts, followed by a deep review of how the company speaks to your key constituencies.

We then build a unique identification storyline specific to who you are. This draws on your philosophy, value system, and culture as these are elements found deep within your brand's core. It's always the "who we are" that separates the very best in any industry from everyone else. These are the companies whose storylines stand out, that customers are drawn to, and everyone wants to emulate.


That's TargetPositioning, and we'd love to work with you.


Former CEO Global Financial Firm

"Tracey's strategies helped us tell a story that put

us far ahead of the competition and kept us there. Her ideas told a standout picture of a dynamic company disrupting an entire industry. She has

a unique and invaluable skillset -- coming up with

the differentiating storylines that companies most desire, because these are the

ones that propel them into best-of-class status."


Global Asset Manager

"If your challenge is

separating your brand

from the crowd, Tracey

is the person to call.

She is the most effective

communications person

I have ever worked with.

Her knowledge of our business ensured

close cooperation with

the marketing strategy,

resulting in powerful

success stories that

resulted in a significant increase in assets." 

Editor, International 

Media Organization 

"Tracey has an acute understanding of 

both the business and

earned and owned media worlds. She knows how

to match what's going

on in the former, to what

is needed to propel a brand.

 Her ideas are always

original, interesting

and stand out.

She is, without doubt, one

of the best communication pros, with a remarkable reputation among

financial services

business leaders."

CCO Global Bank 

"Few communication experts have the skills

to frame a truly unique storyline for a company

and its business.

Tracey's ideas always

reflect something quite extraordinary, a story

no one has ever

 thought of before. She's particularly skilled at understanding complex business ideas and packaging them into something very compelling."

TargetPositioning LLC.