• Tracey Gordon

Why coverage differentiation, not volume, is the key to great public relations

The biggest challenge for public relations professionals has always been getting coverage that resonates and sticks.

One would think that with the enormous expansion of access points to drive information and news, that task is easier than ever.

Instead, for most companies, true standout coverage is less than ever before. I'm not talking about the announcement of a new iPhone or Frappuccino flavor, but what most organizations struggle with every day -- getting consistent coverage that is remarkable, tells a truly compelling story, and attracts a reporter's interest.

Today, communication teams have an interesting dual dilemma – more opportunity than ever, but also a much harder time getting the resonance that is so valued.

Coverage volume has replaced standout coverage for many.

The upheaval in media has generated dozens of new channels, and while many traditional outlets have disappeared, others have reinvented themselves, adding to the vast breadth of streaming news. Additionally, anyone can become a media outlet, influencer, or social media phenom, inserting non-professionals into the divide between companies and their publics.

The upshot, a tsunami of information aimed at a global audience -- 24-hours a day, every single day.

One would expect that with a vast media landscape we would be living in a golden age for PR practitioners taking advantage of the boundless opportunities to place, pitch or produce one’s own content to reach their audiences.

Well, yes…and no. Boundless yes, standout not so much.

Certainly, today there are more content buckets than ever to fill, but just as filling a bucket with snow will eventually fill the bucket – one can ask, do any of those individual snowflakes standout from the rest?

The challenge for PR practitioners is identifying news angles or stories about a company, initiative, product or executive that will standout – one that will hold attention as it rapidly streams by all those eyeballs.

That’s become harder than ever. As a senior communication professional working for some of the largest global companies, I built a reputation among reporters and executives for crafting some of the most unique and memorable press campaigns. I always asked the question: Will this story idea grab attention, raise visibility, drive a business agenda.

Hearing more and more from reporters as well as in-house PR practitioners that originality had become such a challenge, I decide to start a firm that meets that challenge.

TargetPitching is not your usual firm. We’re not competing with large agencies with teams across the world, sending out 50-page binders with ideas that are always too lofty to actually implement, we will never recommend a two-page press releases with no actual news, or pitch all your contacts on the very same idea.

We provide solutions when you can’t tell the difference between your press coverage and the competition, when it doesn’t tell a compelling and unique story about you, when you’re trying to promote a new initiative and the market ignores it.

We do differentiating media consulting and we’d love to talk to you.

If you’d like to find out more, please visit, send us an email and sign-up for the blog for more observations from the world of media, public relations and how to make your story standout from the crowd.

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