Tracey Gordon

Founder, TargetPositioning LLC

As a senior communication strategist working with some of the world's largest financial companies, Tracey acquired a reputation among executives, marketing experts and journalists for crafting unique and memorable campaigns.

With a deep understanding across all areas of the financial services industry, and the ever-shifting information and visibility landscape, she became known for seeing opportunities that truly stood out. Her gap analysis approach put these companies on the map and was a key driver of significant business success.


Tracey became one of the most sought-after strategists during her time at Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab and ING. At Edelman, she was a senior corporate advisor for the Citi, Barclays Wealth, GE Capital, Schwab, and global executive positioning teams.


TargetPositioning LLC is a consulting firm that uses the same approach to create high impact market differentiation that defines great financial companies.



Tracey's strategies for wealth management, fund managers, capital markets

and investment banking

teams increased market

penetration, attracted

additional business

from existing clients, and

recognition from new ones

--- all leading to billions in

new asset and revenue flows. 


Branding the C-Suite

and other key executives

is an essential component

of any company's storytelling.

Who better to relay the strategy

and execution message

 than those doing it - the "people behind the strategy."

They became the storytellers, providing a human narrative to great global business successes.


With a viewpoint that

crises create opportunities

to build forward momentum, reputation and relationships,

Tracey developed comeback storylines time and again.

As competitors kept away

from the market spotlight and

the media, her proactive

strategies helped companies

fill a vacuum that led to

long-term relationships with reporters that proved invaluable during subsequent crisis. 


TargetPositioning LLC.